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EDI has established to provide non-academic programs and HR consulting services. It is providing the skills and knowledge for immediate application to real management issues. We offer an unparalleled range of highly respected courses for people seeking to equip themselves for the challenges of business today.

EDI is devoted to providing business and management solutions and a wide range of workshops and training courses in the field of management, human resources development, leadership, accounting, conflict resolution, team building, business negotiation, entrepreneurship, management, business skills, TESOL program, vocational English and more.

EDI will create the environment for the development of human resources and business in the private, public and NGOs in Cambodia. The environment to be set includes opportunities for interaction, learning and exchange of experiences, training and development.

We have demonstrated innovative and highly effective training approaches in both management and executive level training in the public, private sector environments and NGOs.

Our experienced consultants and leading practitioners provide workable solutions based on researched effectiveness and hands-on experiences, to enable participants to achieve their strategic and organizational goals.


We have classified our Professional Training Program into three sub categories:

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