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Customized Training Solutions

Our Expertise

More than 10 years professional experience in capacity development, Educational Development Institute (EDI) offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge training solution to many companies, NGOs and government agencies.

Following our expertise:
1. Business Management, Sales and Marketing
2. High-Impact Leadership
3. Training and Development
4. Human Resource Management
5. Budget, Accounting and Financial Management
6. SMEs and Entrepreneurship Management

In addition to a wide range of public programs featured in this prospectus which can be presented exclusively for an organization, we also assist organizations by designing customized training solutions.

Working exclusive for one company, provides the opportunity to modify contents and emphasis to suit the needs of each organization. The training is presented and discuss against the experiences within the company and therefore seen as completely consistent and relevant to clients' requirements.

Customized training programs are designed to consolidate and integrate the key issues of the learning objectives, which are then linked to organizational strategy and culture, in order to be fully effective. Programs can be follow-up to ensure that the needed change takes place.

The benefits of customized training are considerable:

For the company

  • Workforce motivation
  • Increased workforce loyalty
  • Improved business performance
  • Forming business strategy by identifying strength and weaknesses

For the employees

  • Enhanced personal skills
  • Individual sense of achievement
  • Renewed ambition
  • Increased job satisfaction

We can arrange customized and quality training courses to suit your schedule and achieve the learning objectives. They can be conducted at our center, clients' premises or at a venue of your choices.

Out Sourcing Training

For organizations who wish to outsource part of their training activities, we offer a comprehensive training cum consultancy package that includes: Identifying Training Needs; Developing Total Training Plans; Implementation of Training Plans; and Co-ordination and Administration of Training Programs.

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