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English Training for Professionals

  • English for Business Communication
  • English for Hotel and Hospitality
  • English for Finance and Banking
  • English for Working Professionals
  • Business English for Communication is a three-level course conducted at EDI to assist people or individuals who are planning education abroad in the United states of America or start up business in their own country or for those who want to discuss different areas of Business and improve their Business English Career, or returning to work. The course book combination of specialist language and business content to help students or learners communicate more effectively in English with greater knowledge and confidence .

In our course, students will find 12 units dealing with a range of business topics.

- Marketing                                 - Competition

- Success factors                       - International business

- Project management               - Human Resources

- Globalization                           - Business start up

- Company culture                     - Reputation

- Supply and demanad              - Negotiations


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