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TESOL Training Program


 TESOL Training Program


Grab the opportunity to be a TESOL certified and become a professional teacher. 
Graduates from this program can earn from $200 to $500 per month.


1.             Teaching Professionalism

2.             Educational Psychology

3.             Teaching Concept

4.             Teaching Techniques

5.             Lesson Plan Design

6.             Practicum


TESOL Level K (Teaching Kindergarten Student)
Course Description: TESOL Level K curriculum is designed to assist trainees or individuals who love teaching kids. Trainees are expected to learn:

·                     How kids want to learn from you

·                     How young learners behave

·                     How to understand and teach kids better

·                     How to create funs in daily activities

·                     How to make kids recognize alphabets, colors, numbers, and shapes as well as teaching kids how to sing songs.

After the training course, each trainee will be able to learn and use the strategies for their class and prepare classes for kids to learn productively and effectively.

TESOL Level YL (Teaching Young Learner Students)
Course Description: TESOL Level YL curriculum is designed to assist trainees and individuals who wish to make their teaching more professional as a language teacher. The principal behind the curriculum is to get trainees to build phonemic awareness of their student growth.

The purpose of this training course is to lead trainees to be able to motivate kids by making learning English a fun and rewarding experience. Games, songs, and fun reading will be utilized with four other skills such as reading, speaking, listening and writing. 

TESOL Level 1 (Teaching Adult Students)
Course Description: TESOL Level 1 is classroom-based course which focuses on the fundamental and practical areas of teaching English and adult students of today and the future.

The course includes 5 to 10 hours of teaching practice with actual student of English. It is the most fundamental and practical area of our whole TESOL Training Program. All trainees are sent to real classes to teach actual, local students of English and put into practice the knowledge and skills gained from the program.

This program is essentially participative and practical. Emphasis on learning through experience, both from structured exercise and group discussions leads the way to effective understanding. Lecturers, discussions, case studies, games, role-plays, experiential activities and presentations will be used to assist participants to learn better.


Mr.Te Lay is currently EDI’s Program Director for the TESOL Program. He has a wealth of experience in educational management, program development for English language training. He has worked as a teacher, coordinator and academic manager for more than ten years in local and international organizations. He also specializes in TESOL training program management.

Mr. Lun Phearin is a School Principal of the Westline  School, Phsar Toch branch . He has had over fifteen-year experience with private and public schools and NGO in  teaching, training, designing curriculum, developing teaching materials, Human resources management, Educational Development and Staff Professional Development and organizing educational research, workshop, seminar and conference. Therefore; he has been involving in managing, teaching and learning quality improvement for over 10 years. He holds Master Degree of Arts in English majoring in Literature and TESOL, and other degrees in the field related to education. He is also TESOL Certified.

Mr. Kong Samneang is the Academic Director of Westline Education Group. He has had over fifteen-year experience in teaching and training, designing curriculum and developing teaching materials, human resources management, education development and staff professional development. He holds Master degree of Business Administration majoring in Management and others degrees in the field related to education. He is also TESOL Certified.


Mr. Duk Nin is the Education Training and Consulting Director of EDI, where he manages varieties of programs and services such as education training & consulting and setting up new school. He is a holder of Bachelor Degree of English Literature in the Faculty of TESOL and Master of Business Administration from Norton University in Cambodia. He has had more than twenty years’ experience in education sector. He used to work as a math and physic teacher and a teacher of English in state school, a trainer of TESOL, a branch Manager of private school, a general manger of a company, a school principal of WEG. He also specializes in TESOL training program management. His career development is interesting as he has advanced through different senior positions.



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