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Practical Cambodian Taxation

06 - 07 May 2017

Cambodian Taxation Law enforcement is the obligation of all natural persons and legal entities must to be implemented. Taxation law is a major risk factor among others which business owners need and must to understand and analyze to avoid the serious penalties and fines. The tax risk can be occurred due to two main factors such as the lack of deep understanding of legal obligations, how to fill in a tax form and how to implement.


  • Understanding of the regulations and laws which are current practices related to the Cambodian Taxation Law.
  • Discussion on issues relevant to the implementation of the current practices.
  • Preparation of the Monthly Tax Declaration and Annual Taxes to the Tax Department
  • How to calculate the amount tax due to be paid to the Tax Department.
  • Be able to calculate payrolls


Module 01: Introduction of Taxation in Cambodia

  • Overview the applicable taxation in Cambodia

Module 02: Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Scope of VAT,
  • Time and place supply rules,
  • Commercial Invoice and Tax Invoice,
  • Accepted methods of VAT calculation,
  • VAT of supplies and imports,
  • Zero-rated supplies for:
  • Supporting industry or contractor supplying
  • Export-oriented garment, textile and footwear industry.
  • VAT on supply and export of rice.
  • VAT on agricultural imports.
  • VAT input, output and carried forwards
  • Practice of VAT calculation and case studies
  • How to recorded in accounting journal entry

Module 03: Prepayment Profit Tax and Minimum Tax

  • Prepayment Profit Tax
  • Minimum Tax
  • Turnover
  • Basic calculation of ToP
  • Illustration of basic ToP

Module 04: Annual Patent Tax

  • Concept of Patent tax
  • Procedure and form of Patent declaration

Module 05: Withholding Tax

  • Overview of withholding tax
  • WHT tax rate for resident and non-resident tax payer
  • Exemption of WHT
  • Introduction and illustration to withholding tax calculation
  • Discussion on WHT issues and case studies
  • How to recorded in accounting journal entry

Module 6: Tax on Salaries & Fringe Benefits

  • The Scope of Tax on Salary
  • Income subject to tax on salary
  • Introduction to the computation of salary tax
  • Allowance, fringe benefits, reimbursements
  • Case study and how to file in the Tax form

Module 7: Annual Tax on Profit – I

  • Scope of Tax on Profit
  • Deductible expenses, non-deductible expense,
  • Depreciation and amortization
  • Tax implication of being a Qualified Investment
  • Allowable Donation and Non-allowable donation
  • Allowable Interest expense and interest expense carried forward

Module 8: Annual Tax on Profit – II

  • Comprehensive computation of annual tax return
  • Module 8: Annual Tax on Profit – II
  • Comprehensive computation of annual tax return

Module 9: Other taxes (for understanding only)

  • Specific tax,
  • Public lighting tax,
  • Accommodation tax
  • Registration tax
  • And Property tax

Mr. VEN Chetra (B.A. Accounting, Master in Finance) with 7 years experiences in external audit of MFIs, NGOs and training businesses. He is currently works as Associate Tax Manager – Business and Financial Management Consulting for a local tax and accounting service company. Chetra has earned more than three years experienced in coaching and lecturing in accounting, finance and taxation section. He is a certified Tax Agent after passing his examination and receiving Tax Agent certification from General Tax Department. Chetra holds a Master Degree in Finance and also get the Tax Agent certification from General Tax Department.

This exciting training course is suited to professionals as Accountants, Tax Personnel or SME owners who want to understand the Cambodian Taxation concepts. This course is also designed for business managers in private or non-profits sector who want to learn more and to understand in deep of the implementation of   the Law on Taxation. This course is REALLY practical which conducted by a Tax Consultant who have worked in many industries.


Date:                06 - 07 May 2017

Venue:             Hotel/Restaurant located in Phnom Penh

Time:               8 am- 5 pm

Language:       Khmer

Fee:                 US$ 230 (VAT = 0%)

Early Bird:       US$ 190 (Register 10days before the course start)                             
The Fee includes: Lunch, Refreshment, Materials and Certificate. 

How to register: Enroll in the course

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