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Project Management for Development Professionals

Why Project Management is Important?

Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful delivery of specific project goals, outcomes and outputs. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project’s goals, outcomes and outputs, while honoring the preconceived projects constrains related to scope, budget, schedule an quality. 

What Will I learn?  Who Should Attend?
  • Discuss the project management knowledge
  • Explain the project management processes
  • Demonstrate the formulas, charts, and theories of project management
  • Questions to consider for new projects
  • What is the difference between project and business as usual (ongoing operations)?
  • The discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful delivery of specific project goals, outcomes, and outputs
  • Project Manager who are preparing to plan, identification, design, design project
  • Project Coordinator who are currently challenging with project management
  • People from all disciplines and backgrounds who have responsibility for managing non- profit development project to achieve successful results with good impact. 

What You Will Cover


Module 1:

Introduction to Project Management

Module 2:

Project Identification and Design

  • Introduction
  • What is a project?
  • Project phase model/project life cycle examples
  • Project Management Competencies &disciplines
  • Conclusion, challenge questions 
  • Introduction
  • Importance of project identification and design
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis: stakeholder analysis
  • Data analysis: state analysis
  • Identification of Project Intervention Logical Framwork
  • The 4 level of project log-frame
  • Conclusion: review/assessment 

Module 3:

Project Set Up

Module 4:

Project Planning

  • Project Set Up: learn benefits to project setup
  • Define and Explore DecisionGates
  • Project Launch
  • Project Governance
  • Conclusion: review/assessment 
  • Project phase interaction
  • Implementation plan
  • Scope planning
  • Five Steps in Schedule Planning
  • Conclusion: review/assessment 

Module 5:

Project Implementation

Module 6:

Monitoring Evaluation &Control

  • Issue management: Define Assumptions, Risks
  • Communications
  • Essentials: Review Key Principles: Integrated and Participator
  • The RACI Model: Learn the RACI Model 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Learn Three Types of Evaluation: Real Time, Final, Ex-Post
  • Control: Learn about Managing Variances
  • Conclusion: review/assessment 

Module 7:

Project Transition

Detail Information 
  • Introduction
  • Transitions: Learn Tools to Improve Transition
  • Verification and Acceptance: Learn Project Closeout
  • End of Project Learning: Learn Lessons Learned in the Modified Issues Log
  • After Action Review: Discover the Importance of Celebrating
  • Conclusion: review/assessment 
  • Date:         23rd - 24th Mar 2019
  • Time:         8:00am- 12pm /1:00pm-5pm
  • Venue:       Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh 
  • Fee:           $245 (VAT= 0%)
  • Early Bird:  $195
  • The Fee Includes: Lunch, Refreshment, Materials and Certificate of Completion 
Trainer Profile   

Savath Kuch has more than 10 years’ experience in providing technical support on project/program design, planning, implementation, assessesment, monitoring & evaluation and training on many courses associated with project management, desing, planning and data collection. Formerly, he is a National Program Specialist, Trainer, Technical Officer, Project Officer, Technical Assistant, and Social Worker   for World Vision International. He has experience managing project from the front-line position to be a national technical specialist providing his support to all staff in many projects and programs. 

Currently he is a  Executive Manager for Educational Development Institute.

Trainer's Professional Experience:

  • Leading a project assessment, baseline, design, planning, evaluation and transition
  • Leading team in developing indicators and tools to measure the project impact
  • Project proposal writing to donors
  • Managing project budget & report writing
  • Project/Program Management    

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General Note: 

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