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Overseas Study Preparation Course Promotion. 3


Overseas Study Preparation Course (Promotion 3)

25 September 2017

Course Duration: 50 hours

Monday to Friday (5:30-7:00 pm)


I. Course Objectives:

-   Improve students’ understanding of American Culture

-   Speak more confidently, fluently, and accurately

-   Build the active vocabulary

-   Develop better listening and comprehension skills

-   Learn structure in English

-   Increase student’s ability to use English to communicate in everyday situations


The Overseas Preparation course is a learner-centered intensive program immerses students in English so that they can make rapid progress to improve their skills and meet their goals of admission to colleges or universities abroad, especially in USA. It is designed for students who are hardworking, determined, and ambitious. The course itself focuses primarily on speaking and listening skills in order to improve overall communication skills and intercultural understanding.

II. Course Components:

Listening: Good listening skills are necessary in the classroom, in the workplace, and in social interactions. This course helps students develop strategies to meet the challenges of listening in English with English speaking environment. One goal is understanding the informal language used in everyday conversation. Another aim is improving comprehension of the formal language used in academic and professional situations. A third goal is listening for pleasure to allow students to explore the American culture through listening.

Speaking: The speaking class is designed to increase the student’s self-confidence and fluency in everyday conversations (often called small talk) and in discussions where students learn to present and defend their opinions with courtesy and professionalism. Student will develop their vocabulary and fluency.

Grammar and Pronunciation: Grammar helps students to master correct usage (word forms) and structure to allow student to create with language and to change from formal to informal style as needed for appropriate social interactions. Pronunciation practice will help students to reduce their accent (the influence of their first language) and to increase fluency so they can make themselves easily understood. The class will target problems that can interfere with communication.

American Culture: This class is a classroom forum. Students will have the chance to bring up questions and explore areas of American culture that most interests students. Idioms and slang will be practiced in the context of everyday situations. A wide variety of topics will be discussed including preparing for interview, how to process application, personal statement, human interests and social situations.

Facility: Classroom on 4 floor with comfortable seats air-condition

By the end of the course, students are expected to use English in speaking and pronunciation in a standard way for the Visa Interview.

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