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Working with Different Personalities at Workplace

Working with Different Personalities at Workplace

16 - 17 February, 2019

All great successes and positive growth of every organization depends on strong and synergized teamwork. Individual employee was born and built with different personalities; that’s why, every successful leader needs to deal with different personalities and difficult people to build a strong team. Dealing with Difficult people and different Personalities does not just work well with team members, but making individual staff works well with team and creates high performance for the organization. 

Course structure

The certificate course in Practical Administrative Skills and Office Management spent approximately 16 hours, OR is offered a 2-day period. The course is based on a participatory, active learning approach, group discussions. An Action Guide for Practical Administrative Skills and Office Management, by Mr. Buoy Borin. Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of the course. The maximum number of participants is 20. 

Course Objective

Upon the completion of this two-day training, participants are expected to benefit:

  • Understand the different behavior and personalities of the individual and difficult persons
  • Be able to do self and team assessments  
  • Build personal needed skills to deal with difficult and different personalities     
  • Understand how to build trust among team  
  • Understand how to run an effective coaching session    
  • Reinforce problem solving and decision making skills
  • Create and Develop team through effective and flexible strategies

Who should attend?

  • Team Leader
  • Project Leader
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • New Business Owner
  • All individual persons who are working related to leading and controlling team

What you will cover

Module 1: Understanding People’s Personality

Module 2: Self-Awareness

1.1. People’s Different Behavior and Personalities

1.2. The Six Programs of Behavior

1.3. Understanding DISC Behavior Reasons of                  Difficult Behavior

2.1. Understanding People’s Brain  

2.2. Johari’s Window Assessment   

2.3. Personal Quality through Scientific Testing    

2.4. Understanding of Self Personal Quality 

Module 3: Understanding Motivation Theories 

Module 4: Self Development

3.1. Understanding People’s Needs

3.2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs   

3.3. ERG Theory

3.4. Two-Factor Theory

3.5. Acquired-Need Theory

4.1. Communication Skills    

4.2. Effective Questions  

4.3. Building Persuading Skill

4.4. Emotional Intelligence  

4.5. Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills  

Module 5: Building Trust 

Module 6: Dealing with Different Individual and Developing Team

5.1. Build an Emotional Bank Account

5.2. Build a Strong Frame of Mind

5.3. Self-Selling   

6.1.Dealing with Resistance  

6.2. Using the Six Programs of Behavior Framework  

6.3.Effective Coaching Session    

6.4. Emotional Intelligence Strategies

6-5. Motivation Strategies 5.6. Assertive Strategies

6-6.  Using Persuading Skill

Training Methodology 

This training shall be conducted in Khmer Language and English as required by using slides for presentation along with case study, students-centered, small group discussion, and role-play. The Samples of documents and other instruments will be provided in accordance with the case study and topics presentation.

Location & Fee

  • Date:            16-17 Feb 2019
  • Venue:         Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh
  • Fee:             USD 245 (Included VAT)
  • Early Bird:  USD 195
  • The Fee Includes: Lunch, Refreshment, Materials and Certificate of Participation 



Our Trainer


Mr. Buoy Borin has had 18-year experience in training, management and leadership for both government and private sectors. For the last 15 years, he has fulfilled his career life in management level starting from leading and controlling around 100 staff to over 500 employees



His Career Highlights:

  • Teacher
  • School Director
  • Head of Regional Operations
  • Operations Director


  • BA in Education Management  
  • MBA in  Human Resource Management at PUC

Currently, Mr. Borin is an Operation Director of the Westline Education Group. He works, leads, coordinates, and deals with over 100 management team members and over 1000 staff.

He also has worked and dealt with hundreds of external parties including customers, government authority, and business partners. Borin is considered as the youngest leader who can inspire a lot of people from various ages and positions. His colleagues both young and elder named him as a charming leader that could lead team in any circumstance with his soft-skills and smiles. Or another word “Soft but Firm”. He has built and consolidated every difficult-and-different-personality employees into a very strong and synergized team where he supervised. 

Contact:       023 966 967 (Office)
                     015 728 123 (Smart)
                     092 888 411/ 092 888 533/ 011 888 522 (Cellcard)
Address:     #22, St. 51┴154, PhsarThmei III, Daun Penh, PP.
Facebook:  @edicambodia
Email:         publictraining@edi-cambodia.org



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