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Certificate of Proficiency in English


Certificate of

Proficiency in English



Duration of Course


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

5:30-7:00 pm (1 hour and a half per day)


This Certificate of Proficiency in English has been specially designed to help students to improve their the specific skills of English such as Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of English to be better equipped to compete in the job market as well as their studies life such as applying for multi-national university, University Entrance Exam, and for International Test to study abroad etc. This course also aims at helping students develop a positive, constructive and practical approach to effective written and oral communication in business and professional settings. It is expected that at the end of the course participants will be able to communicate in clear, concise correspondence to meet the diverse needs and multiple purposes of business, life skills and social communication situations. .

Course Content


  • It consists of parts contain a text and some questions, including multiple choice, gapped text and matching questions.


  • It consists of pats of texts which are sometime accompanied by visual material to help you write letter.


  • It contains a recorded text or texts and some questions including multiple choice, note-taking and matching.


  • It contains parts of standard test format. It is two candidates and two examiner. You will be given photographs and other visual material to look at and talk about.

Use of English

  • It contains parts and tests your control of English grammar, vocabulary and spelling. The tasks include gap filling exercises, sentence transformation, word formation and error correction.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to develop professional written and communication activities in functional and situational contexts. It encourages students to speak with fluency and accuracy as well as develop the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and other business communication function. As a result of this course, students are expected to:

  • Highly qualified and well experienced teaching staff.
  • Conducive environment.
  • Practical application of the knowledge.
  • Understand the importance of effective communication in a business setting.
  • Understand and utilize the basic forms (e-mail, memos, letters, informal and formal reports, and informal and formal presentations) that are used in effective business communication.
  • Write well-organized and effective business memos, letters, and reports.
  • Reinforce and further develop presentation skills in order to deliver professional presentations.
  • Understand and use computer-aided communication including e-mails and presentation software.
  • Work effectively in a team to improve communication skills and to prepare and present group projects.
  • Polish Standard English skills used in writing and speaking to enhance professional communication.


Presentations, interviews, meetings and conferences are an integral part of any professional environment. Well-prepared and well-executed presentations leave an indelible impression on superiors, peers and subordinates alike. Students will learn to use graphics, audio-visual aids and audience handouts in an effective manner. Audience awareness, developing a design, handling questions and answers, personal presence, style and body language are some other aspects that will be discussed.

Designed For

Certificate of Proficiency in English provides four skills of English usage and skills development experience for mid-level professionals (Pre-Intermediate Level Students). For the students who are interested in improving their skills may also enroll in this programme.



-         Venue: EDI Head Office, Phnom Penh

-         Standard Fee: USD 220 (Vat=0% for Education)

-         Early Bird Fee: USD 160 (Register before starting date)

-         Duration of Course:           50-55 Hrs. (Mon-Wed-Fri) = 14 Weeks (4.5 Hrs./Week)




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Tel: 012 663 164 / 011 888 422

E-mail: Consulting@edi-cambodia.org





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