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TOEFL Preparation Course

Weekend Class


TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most widely accepted English language proficiency test in the world. The test is designed to measure the English proficiency and comprehension of non-native speakers.

Why do you need TOEFL?
  • It is a necessary component for a non-native speaker to study abroad.
  • Over 9000 institutions in over 130 countries world-wide accept TOEFL and recognized by scholarship providers.
  • It is a desired job qualification for most major corporations and organizations.
  • It can lead to a high-salary career.
Course Overview
The TOEFL program is a ten-week course. It is facilitated by the top TOEFL test scorer. All fours sections of the TOEFL test are covered in this course.
TOEFL iBT Test Structure
The TOEFL iBT test consists of 4 sections, which is  Reading, Listening, Speaking and writing.
- The reading passages has 3 to 5 and each of them has 12 to 15 questions. The time durationfor this part is about 60 to 100 minutes.
- Listening section has 6 to 9 passages, consisting of 5 to 6 qustions each and time duration from 60 to 100 minutes.
- The speaking section consists of 6 tasks with time duration of 20 minutes.
- The writing section consists of 2 tasks with time duration of 50 minutes.
It is importantly noted that any one of the sections include some extra questions which are not counted. Thus, making it mandatory for the students to give equal effort to all the sections provided since one does not know what questions will be graded and which will not.

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