TESOL Level 2 (Teaching YL and Adult Students)

TESOL Level 2 (Teaching Young Learner Students & Adult Students) is a classroom-based course that focuses on the fundamental and practical areas of teaching English and adult students of today and the future. The course includes 5 to 10 hours of teaching practice with an actual student of English. It is the most fundamental and practical area of our whole TESOL Training Program. All trainees are sent to real classes to teach actual, local students of English and put into practice the knowledge and skills gained from the program.

  1. Teaching Professionalism
  2. Educational Psychology
  3. Teaching Concept
  4. Teaching Techniques
  5. Lesson Plan Design
  6. Teaching Practicum

Te Lay

Chief Education Officer, Westline Education Group

Mr. Te Lay has a Master of Education specializing in Administration and Management. Currently, He is the Vice President& Chief Human Resources and Education Officer of Westline Education Group. He has a wealth of experience in HR Management, educational management program, development, and training management. Mr. Te Lay has 
developed a series of policies and procedures associated with Admin and HR Management, some of those are: employee recruitment and 
selection policies and procedures, Training and Development Manual, Performance Management policy and manual as well as company 

Lun Phearin

Academic Director Westline Education Group

Mr. Lun Phearin is the Academic Director of Westline Education Group. He was the former School Principal of the Westline  School, Phsar Toch branch. He has had over fifteen-year experience with private and public schools and NGOs in teaching, training, designing curriculum, developing teaching materials, Human resources management, Educational Development, and Staff Professional Development and organizing educational research, a workshop, seminar, and conference. Therefore; he has been involving in managing, teaching and learning quality improvement for over 10 years. He holds a Master's Degree in Arts in English majoring in Literature and TESOL, and other degrees in the field related to education. He is also TESOL Certified.

Tum Tola

Academic Manager of Westline Education Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tum Tola is the Academic Manager in charge of the Life Skills of Westline Education Group. He was the Adult English Program Manager. He has been working in the education field; especially in the private sector for about 10 years. He has spent his years with teaching, training, designing curriculum, developing teaching materials, staff professional development and organizing educational research, workshop, seminar, and conference. He holds a Master's Degree in Arts in English majoring in Literature and TESOL and a certified trainers Financial Literacy (MoneyTree).

1. Use primary language teaching methodology, teaching concepts, teaching techniques, and lesson planning.
2. Have enough primary language teaching profession.
3. Know how to use primary language teaching psychology such as cognitive process, mental phenomena, etc.
4. Understand the main requirements for effective language teachers and how to get them.

This course is designed for university students who are looking for an English teaching part-time jobs and teachers of English who want to improve their teaching methodology. 

Course Detail

  • Trainer :3 trainers
  • Class Start :22 Aug 2022
  • Class End :20 Nov 2022
  • Seat Availble :25 Seats
  • Time : 19:00 - 21:00
  • Fee :115 $
  • Early Bird :
  • venue :Online Class