School Customer Service

Customer Service is not a technique; it is a mindset. It is a customer-focused corporate mindset and culture that inspires teams to keep creating and delivering extraordinary customer value and thus helps schools acquire new customers, provide superior customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty.

Course structure

The certificate course in School Customer Service spent approximately 16 hours OR is offered a 2-day period. The course is based on a participatory, active learning approach, group discussions. An Action Guide for School Customer Service Skills, by Mr. Vong Bunvisal. Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of the course. The maximum number of participants is 20. 

  • Who is responsible for customer service?
  • Setting goals and standards of performance.
  • Who are the customers?
  • A school’s customers
  • Who is more important?
  • What is caring for customers?
  • The pillars of customer satisfaction.
  • A CASCADE of quality
  • Role of managers in caring for customers
  • Human factors in customer services
  • Implement customer service (care)

Vong Bunvisal

Business Development Director of the Westline Education Group

Mr. Vong Bunvisal had experience in the education industry for 15 years. He began his career as school management in 2003 and he promoted to be a sales and marketing manager from 2006-2010 to lead sales and marketing activities for more than 60 branches which belong to one of the biggest private educational institutes. 
From 2011 to present, Mr. Visal is a business development director of Westline Education Group Co., Ltd who responsible for sales and marketing, business development, local and international cooperation, and educational partnership, promote education programs to local and international organizations.
Mr. Visal has a strong sales and marketing background and is experienced in assisting the corporation with strategic sales and marketing planning, customer service development and business analysis.


Upon the completion of this two-day training, participants are expected to benefit:

  • Why customer service is important?
  • Putting customer service into the practice.
    • Communicate effectively with customers.
    • Create a positive impression.
    • Develop and maintain customer service standards.
    • Plan good customer service.
  • Identify current customer needs.
  • Anticipate future customer needs.
  • Create customer needs.
  • How can you meet customer needs?
  • How can you exceed customer expectations?
  • How can you retain customers over a long period of time?
  • Moving ahead of the competition through:
    • How fast can you create superior value to meet customer needs?
    • How can you meet them before anyone else?
    • How can you sustain speed to be constantly first to market?
  • Apply some techniques for better caring for the customer.

School principals, school customer service managers and anyone who has been working related to the customer service field.

Course Detail

  • Trainer :Vong Bunvisal
  • Class Start :04 Apr 2020
  • Class End :05 Apr 2020
  • Seat Availble :25 Seats
  • Time : 08:00 - 05:00
  • Fee :220 $
  • Early Bird : 160 $
  • venue :EDI Training Center