Effective Internal Audit and Techniques

The basic purpose of auditing is to confirm the authenticity of books of accounts prepared by an accountant and to determine the true and fair picture of accounts, and the book of accounts with supporting documents in order to detect and prevent fraud and error. 

An audit provides a lot of benefit like:

  • Vouching  and verification of book of accounts
  • Independent opinion issuing
  • Ethical checking
  • Reliance by external users
  • Prevention, detection of fraud and error of book of account on time.
  • Protection of the rights and interests of the shareholder
  • Ensure compliance with a level requirement
  • Strengthen internal control to prevent the risk of the business
  • Definition of Auditing
  • Objective and Feature of an Audit
  • Why is there a need for an Audit?
  • Role of Auditors in detecting errors and frauds
  • The relation between Book-keeping,  Accountancy, and Auditing
  • Professional Standards and Ethics of Audit
  • Scope and Procedures of Audit
  • Advantages and Limitations of Auditing
  • How to be a good auditor?
  • Internal Statement of Audit (IAS)

A. Effective System of Internal  Control 

  1. The objective of Internal Control
  2. The function of Internal Control
  3. Internal Control Concept

B. Internal  Audit

  1. What is Internal Audit?
  2. Purpose of Internal Audit
  3. Function of Internal Audit
  4. Key qualities of the internal auditor
  • Audit cycle
  • What is being audited
  • What is audit risk?
  • The assertion of Financial Statement
  • Possible arrears mistake or errors
  • Audit technique and procedure to obtain audit evidence
  • Common Audit Techniques
  • Sampling techniques
  • Interview technique
  • Type of audit evidence
  • Audit tools to obtain evidence
  • Why need audit documentation?
  • Audit Working Paper and working files
  • Internal Audit Methodology (Planning, Preparation, Execution, Reporting and Follow up)
  • Analytical Procedure
  • Cash and Bank           
  • Inventory
  • Trade receivable
  • Property, Plant, and Equipment
  • Trade Payable
  • Long term liability
  • Revenue
  • Purchases and expenses audit

Sea Soda

Finance and Accountancy Services Consultant

Education: Master of Business in Finance, RULE, Bachelors in Economic Business, NUM, Tax Agent Certification from the General Tax Department.
Mr. SEA Soda is an experienced finance professional with practical experience in training and consulting in the fields of accountancy and finance. Throughout his career and personal life, he has earned rich experiences with Accounting and Audit for more than 10 years.
Currently, Mr. Soda is a consultant on finance and accountancy services to the clients with diversifying sectors such as Service, Trading, Manufacturing, Microcredit, NGO, Restaurant and Hotel, Construction. Agricultural Industry and so on; otherwise not only the account and audit, but he also has built his experiences and expertise in Cambodian taxation as well. Mr. Soda has delivered training on Practical Accounting, and Computerized Accounting Systems to many of his clients.


By the end of this course, the participants will be able to understand:

  • Understand the scope and role of Audit
  • Understand professional standards and ethics of audit
  • Understand the internal control and internal audit of the business
  • Understand the sampling and interview technique
  • Understand the audit technique and tools to gather evidence
  • Understand the assertion of Financial Statement
  • Understand the risk areas of the business
  • Understand Audit methodology (Phase of audit work)
  • Be able to prepare working paper and working files of audit documentation
  • Be able to prepare audit program for specific areas of audit
  • Be able to audit the operation and finance of business (revenue, expenses, Cash, Inventory, Trade Receivable, PPE, Trade Payable…etc.,)    

This crucial course is designed for Auditors, Financial Controller Accounting, Finance Professionals, Accounting and Finance student, Accountant and Senior Accountant, Accounting and Finance Managers, Who want to work as auditors and anyone who is interested in the course or Freelancers in Accounting consultancy.

Course Detail

  • Trainer :Sea Soda
  • Class Start :02 May 2020
  • Class End :03 May 2020
  • Seat Availble :25 Seats
  • Time : 08:00 - 05:00
  • Fee :245 $
  • Early Bird : 195 $
  • venue :Hotel