Effective Communication Skills at Workplace

The effective communication skills and Practice is such a powerful tool to accelerate the speed of movement of the organization. We build not only theory and just provide surface understanding to the trainees, but also offer deep insight practical experience sharing and practices from the real world from many industry practices. We ensure deep critical thinking beyond what a simple communication skills course is like. Our commitment is to enable every participant of the course to reflect through their everyday practice, associate themselves with their colleagues, line managers and their organization vision and mission to increase their core productivity within and across department functions. Our program is 50% class orientation and discussion, and the other 50% is the team work project which allows everyone in the team to apply their knowledge back into their daily work and develop changes in their communication mindset, pattern and ready to support one another in the team in order to achieve the organizational common goal.

1. Self-Introduction and Topic Orientation Lecture
2. Ice-Breaking Activity Lecture
3. Key Discussion
    • Power of communication
    • Functions of communication
    • The communication process
    • Communication flow
    • Communication setings
    • Communication networks
    • Barriers to effective communication
    • Key to successful communication skills

4. Video on Poor Communication and Teamwork Lecture
5. Power of communication Lecture
6. Functions of communication Lecture
7. The communication process with examples of old school communication flows and franchise business communication flows
8. Communication settings Lecture
9. Communication networks Lecture
10. Discussion and presentation on advantages and disadvantages of
    G1: Functions of communication
    G2: Communication process
    G3: Communication flows
    G4: Communication settings
    G5: Communication network
11. Discussion on barriers to effective communication Discussion
Key to effective communication skills
• Listening skills
• Feedback skills
• Problem solving skills
• Email writing skills

12. Discussion on barriers to effective listening
13. Five steps to effective listening
14. Develop effective feedback skills
15. Problem solving skills
16. Discussion and presentation
    • Email Communication skills
    • Common email mistakes
    • Poor subject line examples
    • Effective email structures
    • 4 parts of business email
    • Tips for effective email communication

17. Video on effective communication and teamwork to Wrap-up Day 1 

1. Group discussion and presentation
    Group1: Listening skills
    Group 2: Feedback skills
    Group 3: Problem solving skills
    Group 4: Email writing skills

2. Group Rehearsal
3. Sharing the best practices from each group
4. Wrap-up and the rule of 72 hours
5. Post Training Evaluation
6. Closing Remarks by (CEO/HR Manager)

Or Vitou

CEO of Brain Master Cambodia

Mr. Vitou OR has been a professional trainer in English and Khmer for his subjects of expertise such as sales psychology, 21st-century education, business psychology, leadership, entrepreneurship, mindset, managing productive human resources, communication skills, report writing, proposal writing, and other effective work behavior principles for more than 10 years for many prestigious organizations including Prudential Cambodia Life Assurance Plc., ACDLEDA Bank Plc., Indealink Academy, Cambodia IATSS Alumni Association Academy, Tourism Trainer Club, Royal University of Phnom Penh, CJCC, CKCC, Asia Euro University and many more. His training including TTT programs and implementation-based programs have impacted thousands of lives in Cambodia and around the world. Many of his trainees have been successful in different areas of lives such are entrepreneurs, high profile management, middle management, and executives levels employees, teachers, and even some become professional trainers.


In addition to his career as the trainer, currently, he is working as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Brain Master Cambodia, the country master franchiser Cambodia, to provide education program for kids from 4 to 14 years of age to both private and government schools in Cambodia in the area of mental arithmetic abacus and 21st-century education program. He also used to work for Prudential Cambodia Life Assurance as the Senior Business Development Manager for more almost four years and he is the top sales manager throughout. At the beginning of 2018, he is the co-founder and co-owner for STEM Education Program with a business hub in Cambodia and several more countries in Asia. In November 2017, he was successfully awarded the IAMA Franchise for Chamkarmorn District (the biggest district in Phnom Penh) to roll out the mental arithmetic program to about 350 international schools in Chamkarmorn District. He is also a founder and chairman of a consultancy company which is specialized in overseas study consultancy, ticketing, and logistics.

In 2012, he won the scholarship to get professional training in France on international relations affairs for 2 months. His job was basically involved in the international affairs department of the university and exchange leadership experiences across culture in terms of training in high education level and high education international affairs. In 2011, he was awarded another scholarship as the Cambodian Ambassador to acquire the leadership training in Japan for 3 months. The training included not only the leadership skills and experiences but also the cultural exchanges, public administration, corporate social responsibilities (CSR), etc. These international experiences have built up a very solid foundation to advance his career, which combines the education and business fields of specializations.

In 2007, he graduated from the Master of Education from one of the prestigious universities in New Zealand, the University of Auckland in the field of Educational Leadership and Management. The degree was the extensive research-based program focusing on “Integrating Higher Education in Southeast Asia”. Along with some intensive courses related to the higher education curriculum and instructional design, Southeast Asian Community Higher Education Network, Integrated Training Leadership Program, and some other related initiatives.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Develop the communication mindset and ready for communication change

  • Associate and communicate more productively within themselves and across organizational functions

  • Leverage their confidence in communication practice horizontally, vertically and externally 

  • Self-correct, peer-correct the communication errors within the organization in the professional manner through feedbacks, written and verbal modes.

SME Owner, General Manager and Line Manager.

Course Detail

  • Trainer :Or Vitou
  • Class Start :24 Feb 2024
  • Class End :25 Feb 2024
  • Seat Availble :25 Seats
  • Time : 08:00 - 17:00
  • Fee :290$
  • Early Bird : 230 $
  • venue :Hotel