Educational Development Institute (EDI) is one of the leading consultancy service providers in Cambodia. We are dedicated to helping businesses and organizations to grow and improve their performance. Our consultancy experts can guide and give advise on the best practices and scaling methods to be followed by any organization to achieve success.

At EDI, we provide BUSINESS, SCHOOL MANAGEMENT, and PROJECT consultancy services, delivering value to enable organizational growth. We are also helping students and professionals who aspire to travel abroad for study or work by offering OVERSEAS STUDY consultancy services.

Business Consulting

Our expert consultants will assist you through your organization's business strategy, marketing strategy, designing standard operating procedures (SOPs), leadership management, policy development, on-demand trending techological implementation and many more, thereby bringing overall growth for your organization.

School Management Consulting

EDI School Management Consulting focuses on providing excellent supports and services to all private schools, especially international schools. Our expert team is highly skilled in creating and delivering high-quality of professional development to meet the need of our customers. We also develop and offer educational training developing upon request.

You will be benefitted with the following services:

  • - Managing Khmer Academic Program for your School (Kindergarten to Secondary School)
  • - Compliance Monitoring and Program Evaluations (Internal Audit)
  • - National & International Curriculum Design & Development
  • - Human Resource Policy Development or Management
  • - Sales and Marketing Strategy Development & Management
  • - School Admin Policy Design & Development
  • - Teaching and Learning Managment
  • - School License Registration Service


Project Consultancy

EDI also serve project consultancy services for various governmental and non-governmental (both national and international) organizations. We help organizations to develop a project plan in line with client's needs and business goals; determining project parameters, project tasks and resources to acheive organizational objectives.

Study Abroad Consulting

EDI Study Abroad consulting services help students seeking admissions to universities abroad, providing visa support, and counselling to help them choose the right exam, course and international university/college. Please visit our 'study abroad' page to learn more about international license tests conducted at EDI to be eligible to study or work abroad. 

We also provide CONSULTING AND MENTORING COURSES : Sales & Marketing Club, Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership and Cambodia Business Acdemy, first time ever in Cambodia only available at EDI.

If you are interested in our consultancy services, please write to us at, or call us at  (+855) 11 888 644.

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