Buoy Borin | Expert in Problem Solving Certified Action Learning Coach and Train the Trainers

Mr. Bouy Borin has had 18-year experience in training, management and leadership for both government and private sectors. For the last 15 years, he has fulfilled his career life in management level starting from leading and controlling around 100 staff to over 500 employees.

His Career Highlights: 
- Teacher 
- School Director 
- Head of Regional Operations
- Operations Director 

His Education: 
- BA in Education Management  
- MBA in  Human Resource Management at PUC 

Currently, Mr. Borin is a Problem-Solving Expert and a Certified Action Learning Coach. He works, leads, coordinates, and deals with over 100 management team members and over 1000 staff. He also has worked and dealt with hundreds of external parties including customers, government authority, and business partners. Borin is considered as the youngest leader who can inspire a lot of people of various ages and positions. His colleagues both young and elder named him a charming leader that could lead the team in any circumstance with his soft-skills and smiles. Or another word “Soft but Firm”. He has built and consolidated every difficult-and-different-personality employees into a very strong and synergized team where he supervised