Im Sarun | MD & Founder of Practical Biz and HR Management Consulting

Mr. Im Sarun holds a master’s degree of Business Administration from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. He also has been attending numerous relevant overseas training workshops related to HR & Facilities Management, Personal Leadership, Communication and Human Relation, Security and Emergency Response and Administration in various countries. He attended many training through Video Conferences during his years with the International Finance Corporation ‘IFC’ the World Bank Group. Sarun is a member of: Human Resources Association of Cambodia (HRAC) & HR Share Club. He is the lead HR Trainer for Kalapak International and is the HR Guest Speaker for Kalapak & HR Share Club, Bondol Kumnit, CamKIP and so on. He is the well-rounded of management, leadership, team-building, mentoring and coaching. He is the resourced person and well-connected scholar within education and training industry. He is the regularly book reader and enriches the culture of reading and sharing within the companies he work with. He has a strong belief in good mindset, positive attitude and team-spirit to get the work done. His personal values: ‘Loyalty, Integrity and Diligence.

Mr. Sarun has over 20 years of experiences in working with well-regarded corporate companies, multinational and Group Companies in the country. He is specializing in HR Management, HR Consultation, Coaching and Training. His passion is to bring local companies into the corporate worlds by applying recognized practical management, open attitude, HR standards, well-practiced and well-fit for the companies. During the passed years he introduced and trained many courses related to team-building, motivation, leadership, management and inspiration and HR related policies namely Corporate Cultures, Employee Engagement, Staff Promotion, Succession Management, Long-time Services, Reward & Recognition and many more. Sarun travel a lot mainly within the region for training purposes and business events. His English language is very advanced. He also specks Thai, besides Khmer.