Oeun Savin | Head of Human Resource of Northbridge International School Cambodia (NISC), Certified Master Trainer (ASEAN ), Certified Action Learning Coach (WIAL)

Over 15 years of experiences has allowed Mr. Oeun Savin to efficiently lead and manage people development and management for highly effective business performance and become strong influence for organizational learning and change initiative. With Master of Business Administration (MBA), he is a Certified Master Trainer, Certified Action Learning Coach, Certified Human Resource Development Consultant, and a Lectures where he uses lecturing, training, coaching, and consulting techniques for highly competencies development. He is currently a Head of Human Resource for Northbridge International, and former BIMA Country Human Resource Manager, WEG Human Development Manager, ICCO Development Consultant, WVI Development Manager, SSI Training Coordinator, and other universities Lecturer, where he has led and managed human resource development and management for highly business growth.

His Career Highlights: 
• MBA/BBA Lecturer (MVU/AIC)
• Trainer | Coach | Consultant (EDI)
• Development Manager (WVI)
• Human Resource Development Manager (WEG) 
• Country Human Resource Manager (BIMA)
• Head of Human Resource (NISC) 


His Education: 
• BA  
• PhD
• Certified Action Learning Coach (WIAL)
• Certified Master Trainer (ASEAN)
• MBA - Master of Business Administration