Hoem Seiha | Lead author of Decennium Report

Mr. Hoem Seiha has over 20 years experience of diversified and dynamic working environment. Mr. Seiha used to serve as a Director of PR and Media Relations at VTrust Group of Companies, and an award-winning author who once served as an editor-in-chief at IT Executives Newspaper. Prior to that he has worked as a socioeconomic writer at the Economics Today Magazine. Until today, he has proven successful in terms of major accomplishments such as having:

  • Kept a good track record of successful achievements in public relations, media relations, marketing and sales strategies for both B2B and B2C clients, especially at Vtrust Group of Companies
  • Lead author of Decennium Report (Phnom Penh 2030s), a 300-page real estate industry report
  • Produced few tens of major industry and market reports on real estate, transportation, and F&B industry
  • Written hundreds of informative and analytical news stories published on many newspapers and magazines

Mr. Seiha has also international experiences with Thai Real Estate Business School (Thailand) and got professional education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) for Data Sciences.