Kong Samphy | National Procurement Specialist, Ministry of Rural Development

Mr. Kong Samphy is a freelance specialist who always mixes the latest procurement training techniques into his training curriculum. Besides more than 10 years of progressive experiences in direct to Procurement, Samphy successfully completed various World Bank Procurement Training Workshop organized by both the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the World Bank. He, in addition, has provided procurement training to both national and sub-national levels. Many Project directors, Managers and relevant Technical Staffs from various externally financed projects absorbed comprehensive knowledge related to procurement practice, procurement issues, and proposed technical solutions and relevant perspectives.
Mr. Samphy is currently working for the Ministry of Rural Development, Cambodia South-East Asia Disaster Risk Management Project funded by the World Bank as a National Procurement Specialist. Previously, he worked for several institutions in the same field of procurement such as Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relation and Inspection, Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Health.