What is the vision?

A vision is a picture or movie you see in your mind’s eye of the future. It is the dream you have of the reality you want to be living. Your vision can be imagined by using your senses to see, feel and hear a ‘what if’ experience. It is a bit like the experience you have when you imagine your perfect holiday destination. You have a ‘vision’ of the kind of holiday you would most like to experience.

Why is it important?

Creating a vision is a way of anticipating the future. It is like planting a seed in your mind which, if you feed and water correctly, over time will grow and flower in the way that it was predestined to.

By allowing yourself to project into the future in this way you can check out if you like what you see. Describing your vision can inspire both you and the others in your team. Everyone needs something to aim for. It is like describing the view you will have at the mountain top before you start the climb. The motivation you have for the potentially arduous journey will be boosted more by being very clear about what you will see at the top than it would have been if it had been just a climb. It can be the same as your business. If you have a clear and exciting vision in your mind, a vision that you can communicate to others, the journey will be much more energized and focused. Having a vision makes day-to-day activities more meaningful as you have a reason for doing them.

Your challenge

Your vision not only needs to be something that you aspire to business-wise, but also something that fits in with your personal life goals. The two go hand in hand. It is no good having a vision for a business future that would involve work overseas and long periods away from home if one of your personal goals is to spend more time with your family. It is important to clarify your personal goals and incorporate them into your vision for the future.

What makes a vision reality?

To make your vision a reality you will need to take action today. Your daily

choices of action will ultimately make the difference between getting there or staying put. Having a vision alone is not enough to make it happen.


Take a few moments to relax and take a walk into the future. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in this place where everything you wanted has been achieved.

  • -What do you see happening in your business?
  • -What does it look like?
  • -What kind of clients do you see?
  • -Who else do you see working with you?
  • -What are you doing?
  • -What are people saying about your business?
  • -What are you saying?
  • -What are you feeling?
  • -What are others feeling about the business you have created?

Looking back

From this place having achieved everything you wanted, imagine yourself turning back and seeing yourself as you are now. Ask:

  • -What were some of the most important things you did to get here?
  • -What is the best advice you can give yourself?

Taking it with you

Now imagine yourself taking this advice with you as you start your journey towards your vision.

Writing it down

Having done this exercise, it is a good idea to write a description of your business vision. That way you can remind yourself of it from time to time, add to it or adapt as things change. Find a visual image that you relate to. Pin it up on the wall where you can see it every day. This will keep you anchored to your future.

How to use your vision

Once you have a vision, you can use it to motivate both yourself and others. Describing the ultimate vision can be the first step needed to kick start a strategic planning meeting with your team. Your business goals and objectives should come out of the vision and your strategic action plan will be guided by your business goals and objectives. Your marketing strategy will be part of your overall business plan guided by your business vision. Marketing your business successfully will be one of the important actions you need to take to get you to your ultimate destination.

"Think vision and see your future success in advance"