What is a strap-line slogan?

A strap-line slogan is a one-line statement about your business that captures the essence of your USP and then positions the value promise that you are making to your customer.

Here are some examples of the strap-line slogans some of the familiar brand names use.

         Abbey – more ideas for your money

         Honda – the power of dreams

         PC World – the best of both worlds

         KwikFit – keeping tyred and exhaust prices down

         Panasonic – ideas for life

         Tesco – every little helps

         Dulux – we know the colours that go

         Shredded Wheat – put all your heart into life

         Typhoo tea – you only get an OO with Typhoo

Why do you need a strap-line?

People are more likely to remember your name and strap-line slogan than anything else. You can use it to drive a simple, effective message into the minds of your customers which, if done well, will stay there.

Your challenge

Your challenge is to create exactly the right statement for your business. You must be able to capture the core of what your business is all about in a few simple words, which must be both memorable and inspirational. Words that mean something to your potential customers.

To be successful a strap-line must

  • Be memorable.
  • Be short and snappy.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Communicate a value or benefit that ultimately is important to the customer.
  • Work with your company name and your logo.
  • Speak a language that your audience will relate to.
  • Capture the heart of your strength as a business.
  • Communicate the heart of your business brand.
  • Provoke a positive association.


  • Keep in mind the work you have done on your brand image and unique selling proposition in previous chapters.
  • Focus on the reasons why someone may buy from you.
  • Make a list of the values or outcomes they might need satisfying when they buy from you (results, service, pleasure, savings, inspiration, ideas).
  • Write all these words in different coloured pens on a piece of flip chart paper. Put it up on a wall to ponder.
  • Link the words in the list in di!erent combinations.
  • Go for a walk, relax and see what comes up.
  • Test the combinations you have created.
  • Does it communicate a USP?
  • Does it communicate the ultimate value of what you o!er to your customers?
  • What does it promise your customers?
  • Is it catchy?
  • How well does it work with your business name and brand image?
  • Leave it for a few days and see whether you have any more inspiration.
  • Test one or two of your ideas with some of your customers and team members.

Sample small business strap-lines

Occasions Unlimited – cards and gifts of character

Print into – looking good in print

Haynes Car Care Centre – ultimate service – economy drive

HR workbench – powering performance and development

Marketing – sell more by making your marketing work

The Virtual Workshop – real administrative results

Race Energy – powered by nature – used by people

How to use your strap-line

You can use your strap-line along with your logo on everything you use to​​​ communicate with your customers. It should appear in all your marketing and business literature. It should appear at the end of every email that you send out. It needs to appear in your advertising and on your website. This is a message that you want people to associate with you and your business, so whenever you get the opportunity to use it – do it!

“Think strap-line slogan and capture the value you offer”