What are the best methods?
The best methods to market your business are those that enable you to target the right people with the right message and gain the greatest return on your investment.
Why is it important to analyze the right methods for your business?
There are so many methods out there in the marketplace to choose from that you could be overwhelmed with information and possibilities. There is a lot to learn about how each method works and what is involved in getting it set up. It is important to understand and appreciate how each method could form a vital part of your marketing strategy before you make big decisions about how you spend your marketing budget. Poor decisions can result in a lot of wasted time and effort.
Your challenge
Your challenge will be to avoid getting overloaded with information and allowing that to stop you from taking action. Paralysis by analysis can be a problem for many. Find quick and easy ways of exploring the potential of the marketing methods that could be ideal for your business. This book is designed to give you the essentials, enabling you to move forward swiftly to create a strategy that has the best chance of working for you.
When evaluating any potential marketing method you can check out its viability by running it through this checklist.
- What is the method?
- What do you know about it?
- What marketing goals do you expect this method will help you to achieve?
- What other business similar to yours has used this method and got results?
- Can you ¢nd this out?
- What kind of result is it possible to achieve?
- What are the potential bene¢ts for a business like yours?

- Is there any guarantee of success?
- What are the risks involved?
- What resources, investment, and time are required to get it set up?
- Have you got the resources and time to set up and run this marketing method?
- What will it cost you in terms of time and money to do this?
- How will you measure your success?
How to use this information
Read this book and take note of any of the methods that you think could work for your business. Run each you choose through this checklist before you add it to your marketing plan.
Think the best method and make the best choices