Welcome To EDI


Educational Development Institute (EDI) is an educational organization providing professional training programs, consultancy services, recruitment services and TESOL training program in Cambodia.

Our long term objective is to enable to expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. We do this by supporting and sharing effective ideas and practices. EDI is committed to raising the performance of businesses by championing management and setting standards in management development...

Professional Training

In our Corporate Training Programs, we provide you with two types of courses for your choices:

All public courses at EDI can be customized, designed and delivered exclusively for a client organization, allowing great flexibility and accessibility.

Customized Training Solutions & Outsourcing Training

In addition to a wide range of public programs featured in this prospectus which can be presented exclusively for an organization, we also assist organizations by designing customized training solutions.

Working exclusive for one company, provides the opportunity to modify contents and emphasis to suit the needs of each organization. The training is presented and discuss against the experiences within the company and therefore seen as completely consistent and relevant to clients' requirements...